Deepika Mittra

Therapist, stress expert, self-care advocate

Today I took care of me...

Self care isn’t just about managing anxiety—it’s about recognizing when you’re stuck and finding a way to move forward. It’s about thriving, instead of just surviving.

It’s about unlocking the potential you know is there.


Deepika Mittra is a therapist, stress expert and self-care advocate.


She helps individuals, couples and families develop tools within themselves to deal with stress and anxiety, to overcome traumas big and small.

Deepika is also an in-demand speaker, whose talks inspire attendees to become active agents in their own well-being.

With degrees in science, social work and dance, Deepika emphasizes the link between mind and body when treating mental health. She is a certified practitioner through the Center for Mind Body Medicine, and a trained practitioner of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming (EMDR). Her work encompasses mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy and solution-focused therapy to deliver positive outcomes to her clients, both individually and as part of her groups.

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In my sessions I have learned a lot of tools and strategies that I am able to use. I am feeling a lot better now than I did at the beginning - less stressed and less anxious.
The combination of trying out new skills and talking as a group works well. Really helped with the negative attitude I had developed.

Transform yourself

Learn how to better manage your stress, decrease anxiety, and unlock your potential with individual counselling or through a Mind-Body Skills Group.


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For people especially motivated to change, counselling offers an in-depth way to tune into your past experiences, examine how you’ve incorporated them into your life, and transform yourself with new skills that let you cope with old and new stresses. 


Mind-Body Skills Groups

Mind-Body Skills Groups allow you to explore the connection between your body and mind, and learn new skills to help you cope with stress. Groups run once per week for eight weeks.