Social Media & Technology: How to Use It Without Being Consumed By It

Social Media and Technology: How to use it without being consumed by it. A self care e-book by Deepika Mittra

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Stop reading this. I mean it. Close your browser. Put your phone in your pocket. 

Unplug yourself. 

It’s not that easy, is it? Social media and technology have become an enormous part of our lives. The good news is that we’re on the front lines of this brave march into a wondrous technological frontier. The bad news is that we’re trying to fit a lifetime of exploration into the tiny spaces of our lives that may be better spent if our eyes weren’t staring at a screen. 

The relaxing moments before bedtime. Conversations around the dinner table. Walks outside with a toddler’s hand held tightly in ours. 

The realities of our dependence on social media and technology have been coming up with greater frequency in my client sessions and workshops for a few years now. That’s why I decided to write this book. Together, we can better balance our addiction to technology with the real world that’s unfolding around us every day.

Easier Said Than Done. 

Social Media & Technology: How to Use it Without Being Consumed By It is a journey toward balance. Don’t worry - at no point will I tell you to unplug for good, but I will dig deeper into our relationship with our devices and help you with concrete methods to live, laugh, and love without worrying about phantom vibrations in your pocket. 

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Your pocket. 


Prologue: Introducing a Brand New Way to Find Balance With Social Media & Technology

By Kelvin Cech - Editor


Introduction: On Social Media & Technology

By Deepika Mittra


Chapter 1: Is Technology Stressing You Out?

By Deepika Mittra


Chapter 2: The Reasons For Social Overload

By Deepika Mittra



Chapter 3: Where Does Stress Come From?

By Deepika Mittra


Chapter 4: It's Not All Bad; Daily Benefits of Social Media & Technology

By Deepika Mittra


Chapter 5: The 11 Culprits of Connection

By Deepika Mittra


Chapter 6: The Mind is the Real Deal

By Deepika Mittra


Chapter 7: Technology & the Herd Mentality

By Deepika Mittra


Chapter 8: How to Unplug & Take Back Your Life

By Deepika Mittra


Chapter 9: Let's Get Real About Unplugging

By Deepika Mittra


Chapter 10: How to Help Your Overly Plugged In Friends

By Deepika Mittra


Social Media & Technology: Epilogue

By Kelvin Cech - Editor



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