Deepika Mittra

Therapist, Speaker and Workshop Facilitator

In addition to her private practice, Deepika Mittra applies her expertise around stress, self care and life balance to talks and workshops in professional settings. She has spoken or given workshops at TEDx Edmonton, the University of Alberta, the University of Calgary, and the Alberta College of Social Workers Conference. Deepika has appeared on the CBC, CityTV and CTV.


In a world where stress is often viewed as an indicator of productivity, many of us are exhausted, bordering on burned out. We are so busy attending to a “to-do list” that we don’t make time for activities that rejuvenate us. In her talks, Deepika demonstrates that efforts to compartmentalize are not the most fruitful. The whole self must be considered. It is apparent that self-care and wellness are interconnected.

Explore the motto, "Today, I took care of me…" Understand that when you take care of yourself, you are more successful both at work and in relationships. Deepika's interactive talks help audience members to consider their current life state and take steps toward their own wellness.

Delivery: 15 minute ‘TED’ talk, 45 – 60 minute keynote or 60 minute lunch and learn


Workshops focus on helping participants find resources within themselves to become active agents in their own well-being. When attendees leave, they’ll be better able to cope with life changes, stress and illness. Experiential activities, such as biofeedback, imagery and mindfulness exercises will be utilised to teach skills and explore means to reduce stress and enhance relaxation.

Participants will develop an introductory understanding of mindfulness and its application in professional and personal self-care. The workshops will provide tools for relaxation and stress management. An additional focus on how to initiate mindfulness and self-care conversations with others can also be included.

Delivery: Full day, half day, consecutive days workshops or eight-week Mind-Body Skills Group


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