Move Your Memory: A Yoga Memory Game

This game was born from necessity. 

Before my son was born, it was pretty easy for me to get to a yoga studio for a class. After becoming a mom, that kind of self-care became a luxury. An hour and fifteen minute class, plus travel time was just not realistic with a newborn... So, for a while I did nothing. I pretended like it wasn't affecting me, but I missed moving, and to be honest, some days I missed using my head for more than just day to day tasks.


Kidlet wanted to, and still wants to, play all the time. I really disliked the noisy toys. I didn't want to put him in front of a screen. There were lots of activities that were good for him but did little for me. So, I got out of my box. We started spending a lot more time outside. We did more family activities and less me watching him being active. I'd try to get out my yoga mat, but often doing any real semblance of a class seemed impossible.

In stolen moments, I started drawing little yoga images. At the time, this creative outlet was my self-care. I poured over the images. Draw, erase, draw, start over... When I finally had a pencil image I liked, I painted it, then outlined in pen. I actually even did an entire set of fifteen yoga drawings and then started all over again to re-stylize and add five more postures to the set! Though I was enjoying the process, it was a labour of love and I was getting antsy to see the game in action. 

Yoga Memory sequence making.jpg

Slowly, and with the encouragement of my good friend Amanda of Curio Studio, I finished all the images. Amanda helped my son and I scan all the cards and she generously printed a few sets of my game. One set went immediately into use in our home, another was gifted to a close friend and a third to family. 

The crazy thing was it worked! We were having fun. We could play the game with just the three of us, but also alongside my son's older cousins, my in laws, my parents. Everyone could join in at their own pace and level. Everyone was engaged, laughing, moving, and scrunching our faces as we tried to recall where we'd seen that matching image!

I also started getting some amazing feedback. The two additional sets I initially printed were also in use! One became part of summer camp activities and was a hit with the kids! Other families were wanting copies. Friends who'd heard me talk about it were wanting their own set! I was hesitant, but was gently nudged toward a larger share. So, here we are :)


Self-care doesn't always look the way we think it will. If you'd asked me before if a memory game could replace my yoga practice I'd have given a straight up no. But, it's yoga off the mat. It's playful. It's noisier than any studio I've been to, but, it's accessible and it's fun. It can't replace a taught class for me, but it sure beats many of the other games I get asked to play! It keeps my body moving much more regularly than waiting to get into a studio and I can move at home in a way that's encouraging and fun, instead of just one more thing my son is interrupting or can't participate in. 

Are you ready to Move Your Memory?

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