I was out of integrity. Sorry.

The last time you heard from me, I told you about the fantastic Be With Cards and the give away I am so lucky to host! Yet, that give away could only be entered if you got on social media... and that just isn't me and it also isn't fair. I was not in integrity with what I talk about, practice, and support clients with. For that, I apologize.

Hey, we all make mistakes though. The important part is to learn from them, right? The give away rules have been revamped. If you'd like to enter, feel free to email me with what you're doing for self-care during the holiday season. Or, you can also join Barbara's weekly newsletter which includes more ideas for self-care and emotional wellness and is written in her narrative style. Or, if you are on Instagram you can just comment on posts by either Barbara or I, including what your holiday self-care is. Make sure to enter by December 8, 2016!

So, with the air cleared, what better time to tell you about my upcoming project helping you understand the links between social media and technology use and wellness. I am excited to announce that in 2017 you will have posts delivered directly to your inbox and that by spring all the work will be compiled into a book. I have been talking about this topic for some time and have developed a bit of a niche so I am ready to share with the world!

Heads up, for current clients who have been putting up with my slow back and forth to book appointments, you may enjoy booking on Calendly now. Give it a go and see what you think!

Thanks for understanding about my mistake and happy holidays!