Talking mental health on CTV

Talking mental health on CTV

This note comes to you full of gratitude, news and an invitation too!

I am excited to introduce to you my new brand! Curio Studio has been fantastic to work with and I am loving the new logo and accompanying theme they created! You may have already seen bits of the brand on social media as I was so pleased, I couldn't keep it to myself!

I also want to formally welcome you to my new website deepikamittra.com. The site has been beautifully and thoughtfully designed by the team at Kobot and I had a blast with folks from Baat Cheet for my photos. For those of you who've been following my journey, you know the new site was long coming, and I could not be happier with the results!

I am really enjoying being back at the office and am so inspired by those I've already been working with. I am still accepting clients so be in touch if you're interested. Plans are in the works for a January Mind Body Skills group too!

With so much to be grateful for, I decided a celebration was in order! It involves El Cortez on a Taco Tuesday, need I say more?! If you're interested in joining, please drop me a note at my new email hello@deepikamittra.com and I'll send you the details. I would love to (re)connect with you in person!

Heads up, if you get my updates in your inbox, you will always be one step ahead of the blog. I have recently learned there have been a few glitches in my mailing list... I apologize if you receive emails you don't recall requesting - you can always unsubscribe with no hard feelings. If you have not received communication from me in some time, the problem should now be rectified.

Looking forward to connecting more regularly now that the site is up!

PS - check out the Alberta Primetime segment on mental health. There are two clips, so be sure to watch both :)