Book & Game Launch + Be Free Project Fundraiser!

Bravely launching creative projects into the world!

Bravely launching creative projects into the world!

I know I have been quite quiet this fall, but that is only online! In real time, I have been working to take some projects out into the world!

November 26 I will be launching hard copies of my book, Social Media and Technology: How to Use It Without Being Consumed By It. You can get most of the content free of charge, but I am excited to announce that the book has contributions from courageous clients, and an amazing list of both local and international personalities sharing their own experiences regarding social media, technology and wellness. You'll get to read bits from Councillor Scott McKeen, author and metta designer Seung Chan Lim, music teacher and #YEG first lady Sarah Chan and renown yoga teacher Elena Brower, to name a few!

I am also taking a leap of faith to share my self-care creative side project, Move Your Memory. This has actually been ready for over a year and I have been sitting on it. Only the gentle nudging of kind friends and family - the people who believe in me - has helped this come to where it is. It is exciting, and a bit nerve racking, but I think it is worth it. Those of you who work closely with me know I'm often encouraging you to move out of your comfort zone, so I am also taking my own advice :)

On November 26 1-4 pm, I'll be hosting a celebration to launch these projects! Proceeds of sales will go to the Be Free Project, helping take yoga and meditation to under serviced communities and those affected by mental illness. I am full of gratitude to a long list of community members who have supported my vision around this event. Thank you to the following businesses for donating to the silent auction and more: Biera for hosting, Blue Chair Cafe for providing nibbles, Transcend Coffee for providing perk, and Pure Living Enthusiast for making swag. Also a shout out to: Mala and Me, Echo Hair Design, Two Mothers, Arnica Wellness, Tassles n Dreams and ACME Meat Market for adding to the silent auction!

If you'd like to contribute to the event or attend, please email me right away! If you can't make the big day, don't worry, copies of the book and game will be available afterward too :)

In gratitude,


PS- I know this is link filled, but how can it not be considering the many amazing people who have pitched in! I have a wonderful community and would love for you to know more about it!