Online Offline

Just a quick update to let you know that I am back online, but with a bit of a catch! Offline time felt very refreshing and so you may not see my very active on social media.

I have really enjoyed not being so tethered to my phone. Having been back in the city for roughly a week, I have found reintegration into being super available a bit taxing. So, I am planning to keep a few things the same as I did for my tech break:

1. My phone homescreen will stay just a phone!
2. All my social media apps are will remain on the last page of my phone (I didn't delete them due my horrible relationship with passwords!)

AND, new with being back online,

3. I don't intend to be scrolling - so if you don't see me 'like' something or if I don't know about an event, just know it's not because I don't care. Feel free to connect with me in another way!

What will change is that you may see me posting on social media to let you know about future offerings, updates and ways to connect. For example, you may hear a call out to tune into Alberta Primetime tonight at 6 pm and 11 pm as I'll be joining the Lifestyle Panel to discuss several interesting mental health topics.

Don't let my choices make you believe I think social media is wrong in any way. Had I been active on social media, I would have known my cousins from Dallas, Texas tagged me on FB in an effort to meet up in Ottawa... I was lucky, and ran into them by chance! It was priceless, but admittedly, could have easily been missed because I was offline.

Yet, there are a lot of folks talking about unplugging. In her recent blog post, Biomechanist and Movement Educator, Katy Bowman, commented, "It’s key to recognize that social media is the portal for communication (and the facilitator of stiff hands and arms) because we keep using it. By using social media as a portal for my information, I’ve been demanding social media movements of both me and my social media followers." My use of social media encourages your use of it and vice versa. Perhaps by toning back my use of social media and technology, I can free up some more time for all of us to catch rainbows instead!

If you're looking for more support on how to disconnect, Wellness Educator and Yoga Therapist, Michele Theoret has also just written on the topic. Plus, stay tuned, as she and I are in the midst of collaborating on a few projects for the fall (hint: think unplugging, reconnecting with yourself and coming home rejuvenated!)

As it stands, I'm on still on social media, and I may be on it more in the future, but for now, I just need a bit more time offline.