Fall Frenzy & Conscious Choice

A beautiful image of Vancouver captured by @lolabrig

A beautiful image of Vancouver captured by @lolabrig

Fall of 2018 has brought a bit of frenzy into my life. Our household is in flux, as our kidlet entered kindergarten and we now have a firm schedule which we are all learning to adhere to. Though for many years September has not brought an official start or change in schedule, I have always found there is an energy about it, as projects that were on hold over summer restart and a different pace takes hold.

This year, September has also signified back to school for me. I have begun a two year training with the Hakomi Institute of Edmonton. Hakomi is a body-centered, somatic psychotherapy and this certification has been on my bucket list for nearly ten years! I love my profession for the continual growth opportunities it provides, and I am excited to deepen my practice further by committing to this learning.

September is also full of many other opportunities coming to fruition. I will be back at it giving many talks and workshops, including presenting for the St. Albert Bereavement Group, the Alberta Association of Family School Liason Workers and guest teaching for the University of Calgary Faculty of Social Work! In addition, on September 15 from 1- 3pm I have a book signing in Vancouver at Park Royal Indigo. Please share with your west coast friends and family as I would love to meet them!

Given the change of pace this month, I have had to be even more mindful of my choices and commitment to my own wellness. I am continuing to ensure I can prioritize activities that nourish me and have been growing in my capacity to ask for help. I am forever grateful to my supports which are stepping up to help me, especially around childcare. After many days in which I have had back to back clients, I have also made the conscious choice to create more flow for myself. For current clients, you will notice this in your online bookings as they will be offered throughout the day instead of at 15 minute intervals, to ensure I can have a moment to catch my breath between sessions.

Doing a lot can be amazing, but it also sometimes requires letting some things fall away. During this season of change, I invite you to be conscious about the choices you are making, and encourage you to continue to take care of yourself.

Hope to connect soon,