Your True North

How often do you just do you?

How often do you just do you?

Recently, I have found myself having several conversations about making the “right” decisions for one’s self. Often, this can feel like a complex topic, and one in which our own needs are very far down in terms of prioritization. Yet, I keep advocating, it doesn’t have to be that way. We can, moment to moment, see what feels right to us, and act on it.

Earlier this fall, my kiddo amazed me with his resolve to just do what he needed. We had the pleasure of attending Amanda Schutz’s beautiful art opening at the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts. My son had been upset beforehand that the event was about looking at art and not making art, so I had offered to bring along our go to supplies. Amidst the chatter and food and adults and kids, he did what he was inspired to do without care for opinions, fitting in, or doing it right. It was lovely and inspiring in itself and a reminder to find my own impulses and follow them.

Yet, sometimes, what we feel drawn to do can change with a moments notice. In early October, our community AGM was happening. I had texted my husband early in the morning, reminding him of the event and indicating I had no intention of volunteering. We knew many community members who had said they would take a board role, so he and I would attend the meeting to show support and be engaged, nothing more. As we walked over that evening, my husband asked again if I would volunteer. I was a firm no. (You can likely see where this is going…) When we entered the hall, there were few bodies in the room, and none of the ones we expected. Immediately I knew, I needed to step up. When the choice was to volunteer, or leave it in someone else’s capable hands, I was clear on my answer. When the choice was to volunteer, or see our community league fold, I knew I had to step up. That night, I became president of the league, a role I had no plans of taking on. Several people found this to be an incongruent choice, and questioned me. However, despite my drastic change in tune, I still felt aligned with myself.

As you move through your life, and your decisions, make space for yourself. Connect with your true north. Remember tuning into yourself is as valid an information source as anything else. As always, I would be happy to chat with you and assist if that is helpful!

For your information, I will be out of the office November 15 - 26. I am heading to the east coast for a talk and book signing! If you know folks in Halifax, please tell them to come out to my talk at the Halifax Central Library November 17 or connect with me at Chapters Bayers Lake on November 18 from 12 - 1:30 pm.

Hope to see you soon!