Navigating Ritchie Mill

Nibby’s first visit to the new office… hopefully you’ll be as cozy as she was!

Nibby’s first visit to the new office… hopefully you’ll be as cozy as she was!

The official transition has happened! As of next week, I will be seeing clients in my new space at Ritchie Mill, located at 10171 Saskatchewan Drive NW. Keep reading for tips and tricks to make getting to your next appointment as stress free as possible.

To access Ritchie Mill you will come eastbound on Saskatchewan Drive and turn right on to Tommy Banks Way NW. If you are driving, there is a large parking lot just to the west of the building. If you are coming via public transport, the closest bus stop is on 104 St and Saskatchewan Drive NW.

Once you have arrived at the building, make your way up the stairs and in through the exterior doors. In the lobby, you will turn right and walk straight ahead, passing the elevator and going through a door directly in front off you. You will see a small waiting room with two arm chairs where you can make yourself comfortable until I come and get you.

If you need to use the loo prior to session, come on down to my office at #203 and grab the key which will be hanging on the door handle. To access the washroom, go back out toward the elevator, but take a left into the hall just before it. Please remember to bring the key back!

As an invitation to feel even cozier, there is a hall closet in the waiting room. You can hang your coat and please take off any dirty footwear. You may want to join my club, and bring a pair of slippers to wear into session :)

If you have any difficulties, feel free to text or call me at 780-238-9490. I promise, it's much easier to actually navigate than my lengthy description!

I hope you enjoy and wonderful long weekend and I’ll look forward to seeing you soon,