What is in Your Power?

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As you likely know, it has been just over a month since I moved into my new space. Nibby and I are settling in, but let me tell you, we had some bumps!

For my first day in the office, I wanted to be so prepared. I came in the Friday prior, and with the help of my kiddo and generous and talented friend, Amanda Schutz, we styled the space. I brought my computer and odds and ends, ensuring on the Tuesday I began, I would be as organized as possible.

Tuesday, September 4, was the big day. It was kidlet's first day of grade one and my first day at the new office. I was happy to have to time supporting him in his transition and also grateful to have a slow start to my day so I could go in feeling calm and collected.

However, life had other plans... After I had driven over half the way to the office, I realized I had left my keys. My old space had keyless entry so it didn't even enter my mind. 'No problem' I thought to myself. I had plenty of time. I drove home and went to get them from my bag where I was confident they would be. Guess what? They weren't! After some panicked searching, I recalled using my son's backpack to transport things on Friday. My keys were in his backpack, with him, at his school.

Thankfully, I didn't sweat it. I was lucky enough the building manager was on site, and provided me a spare key to use for the day. The fact that my computer and payment system were still locked in my filing cabinet... well, that wasn't great, but manageable.

I got to the office moments before my first client was to arrive. I dashed into the room and decided it would be lovely to just take a moment to centre, given the chaos of my arrival. As a gift to myself, I had purchased an essential oil room spray on the weekend and I sprayed it twice, took a few deep breaths and moved on.

The client session was great. Then, I noticed what looked like the remnants of an explosion from a pop can all over my wall. Sticky, brown, goo... later discovered to be from my lovely room spray, and the cleaning project of the next several weeks...

Things didn't go as planned that first day, as they often don't... but I had to, and have continued to have to, decide what I want to do with this sticky situation (literally!) I get to be in charge of my responses. Plus, I get to be in charge of what I make an issue or not.

I decided I had to do something about my room spray. I didn't want anyone else to experience the same negative thing I did. So, I have created a bit of a stink (!) with the company that made it. I get that mistakes happen, and I am totally okay with that. However, I also feel that it is important to be accountable for our actions, and sometimes part of using my power is helping keep other people accountable too.

I am curious, how and when do you step into using your personal power? When things go sideways, do you say anything? Or, do you just sidestep, dismiss the impact, or avoid?? There is no right or wrong about these choices, just an invitation to be more aware of the choices you are making. In total fairness, depending on the situation, sometimes the best choice is to say nothing at all. But, in my humble opinion, many times, your voice matters.

Look forward to chatting with you more about stepping into your power. As always, current clients can book in online. Or, you may be interested in connecting with me in Kananaskis at my upcoming workshops during Ignite 360 - an immersive multi day event, designed to enhance physical and mental performance.

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