Claim Your Voice

A beautiful reminder from Peter H Reynolds’ new book, Say Something (cover pictured below)

A beautiful reminder from Peter H Reynolds’ new book, Say Something (cover pictured below)

Several times this week I have had the privilege of encouraging people to claim their voice. Speaking our mind can be challenging, and yet, if we don’t, we often end up feeling powerless. Though it may be anxiety provoking, courageously speaking our truth, creates a life aligned within ourselves.

Often, early life has given us the experience that our voice will not be valued, or that saying something will create tension or upset. This can cause us to withhold, and even question, our own voice. As adults, this can manifest in several ways, including the inability to say no, being the ‘yes’ person, devaluing our own opinions/beliefs, a harsh inner critic, and so on. While it takes practice and commitment to work through these barriers, I am lucky enough to witness the immense payoff it has.

As a social worker, I feel compelled to encourage you to claim your voice on a broader level. The policies that will be decided and enacted after the upcoming Alberta election will affect each and every one of us. I am hopeful that our voices will help create more mental health resources, secure access to education and healthcare, and protect the rights of everyone.

Just like with any issue in life, there is no one truth. We each have our own truth. If you are feeling uncertain about what you want to say in the election, Vote Compass is a great resource to help determine where you stand. To prepare, you can also find out how to register to vote, check eligibility and find your polling station.

If you are finding it difficult to say something in your personal life, know that help is always available.

See you at the polls,

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